Can Your Clothes Get You Leads?

Imagine you are a buyer. Imagine you have no family members or friends in real estate. Imagine you are currently in the process of choosing your agent based off of personality (I know this is a very rare concept, but it does happen). Imagine you are going about this process by attending open houses and meeting realtors in the area you want to live in. Now, imagine these two separate scenarios.

Scenario One: You walk into an open house and see a male realtor dressed to the nines: Hugo Boss suit with an unnecessary pocket square, custom fitted shirt, and shoes that you can see your reflection in. Someone like this dude:

How do you feel when you meet this guy? You recognize that he is dressed professionally and he probably takes the job seriously. However, the interaction with him will be serious and probably awful. You will have your guard up and will most likely be involved in a somber conversation about the specs of the house. After the tour he will likely force his card on you and ask that you follow him on Instagram. Once you find out that he posts pictures of his Rolex and records videos of himself regurgitating Gary Vee’s quotes in his car you will probably never reach out to him. But, because you signed in you will have to deal with at least two months of half-ass email attempts from someone who uses the hashtag #hustle on his Tinder profile.

Scenario Two: You walk into your open house and see an agent wearing a tee-shirt that says, “Hey did you sign in yet?” Something like this: 

Because you have been to a plethora of open houses you recognize the irony of this agent’s shirt. You happily sign-in and say: “I love your shirt.” You already know the agent has a sense of humor because he/she is wearing a satirical shirt that points out the awkward question that every agent has to ask. The agent, who is now flattered by the complement, smiles and says, “Thank you… and thank you for signing in.” Now you are intrigued and want to know more. “Where did you get the shirt? Did you make it yourself? I think it’s hilarious.” Now the conversation has shifted from real estate and gone to a place of comfort.

Who would you rather hang out with? Who would you rather work with? Obviously I understand that wearing outlandish shirts at open houses may not be your style. But, I know that wearing funny real estate based shirts can start conversations anywhere. I know this because it has worked for me. Yesterday at the gym I was wearing a Game of Thrones themed shirt that says, “Offers Are Coming.”

The person that checked me in to the gym commented on it and asked me what I did. Another girl in the elevator was staring at it trying to figure out what the hell it meant. I didn’t say a word to her because I was scared. But, that’s not the point. The point is that all realtors have the same problem: We want to tell people we work in real estate without having to constantly say it out loud. The solution is funny, fashionable shirts that cause people to ask questions. Is this a shameless plug for The Broke Agent’s new clothing line? Of course it is! But, I honestly believe that apparel that makes people laugh and can actually lead to business. Also, they are killer for your social media game. Imagine how many likes you will get with this: